4WBN Broadcast Specifications

At 4WBN we believe in Excellence. Please pay close attention to these deliverables as this will provide an excellent experience to our viewers in spreading the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. This will help you program show in the Guide and on our sites with unique information for each show.

Program Information and Requirements

Please provide the following so we can promote your show.

  1. Transparent PNG of your logo or logos.
  2. Head shot of your pastor or other primary program participants. Format should be a minimum of 1280 x 720 in PNG or JPG format.


Program Length: 58:30 or 28:30
Codec: H264 or H265
Formats Accepted: .mov or .mp4
Bitrate: Ranges from 8-16 Mbps Constant (CBR)
Resolution: Max 1920 x 1080. Min 1280 x 720
Aspect Ratio: 16 x 9
Frame rates: 24 to 30 fps progressive. Interlaced footage will not be accepted. You can deinterlace and export progressive.
Audio: Stereo, 48 kHz, 320 kbps
Audio Levels: -12 to -14db. No peaks above -6db

Closed Captions are not required but recommended.
Format: EIA 608/708 Service 1
Sidecar file formats: SRT, VTT

  1. Program content must be uploaded 2 weeks in advance of air date.
  2. Upload options: FTP, etc.
  3. Do you want to allow re-runs of this program? Yes/no option.
  4. Filename:
  5. Title: (Miracles Happen! Example)
  6. Description: 
  7. Tags: (example, 10 max separated by a comma)
  8. Provide a unique graphic for each program including the title and subtitle. This should be a PNG or JPG in the same raster size as your program (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720).
  9. A 30 second promo of the program with the last 5 seconds for us to use to place your time slot information. Details: 25 seconds of your content, and the last 5 seconds should be a darker generic motion or still background that we can place our title on. Please make sure there is no voiceover on the last 5 seconds, however, make sure your music extends the total 30 seconds. A black background is not acceptable.
  10. A 30 second clip.


On your program you can ask for donations, please keep the “ask” to a total of Two Minutes in each program.

You can ask for mobile money donations, but all Credit Card donations will be processed through 4WBN and sent back to your ministry. 4WBN will provide you with Credit Card Donation Instructions.

Broadcast Details

  1. Payment will Be Charged on the 20th of Each Month (Example May 20, 2024)
  2. Program content must be uploaded 2 weeks in advance of air date.
  3. Monthly Schedule is to be Submitted by the 20th of Each Month. Please list any New and Re-run Episodes
  4. Upload options: FTP or Dropbox.
  5. Re-runs are allowed but we do ask that you try to have a minimum of 2 new Episodes each month.
  6. Filename: Name of Program Followed by Episode Number Ending with Airdate (M/D/Y) Example MiraclesHappen_EP01_05052024
  7. Title: Miracles Happen! The Image of God

*** OPTIONAL Promotional Item

8. Description: (example) Do you want to learn how to engage the world without compromising your faith? Don’t miss Miracles Happen with guest Tomi Arayomi that will transform your perspec<ve on your true iden<ty and purpose. In this cap<va<ng episode, Tomi Arayomi takes us on an enlightening journey, explaining the divine nature of Jesus and His role as the image of God in our lives. He delves deep into scripture with the message that unveils the profound concept of the Image of God within you. Discover how you are intricately connected to this divine image and are uniquely made in the image of the Lord God. Get ready to explore the profound connec<on between God’s rest, Jesus’ mission, and your role in subduing the enemy’s schemes. Don’t miss this life-changing episode of Miracles Happen! Watch and be inspired to walk in your divine iden<ty and purpose TODAY.

9. Provide a unique graphic for each program including the title and subtitle. This should be a PNG or JPG in the same raster size as your program (1920 x 1080 pixels).


10. A 30 second engaging clip from the program (This will be used for promotional to encourage viewers to watch your program NO BRANDING on this video


HLS specifications coming soon.



Come up with a show format that works for you. A good show begins with an exciting introduction with music, voiceover and motion graphics. This is your program’s ‘Brand’ and is usually the first thing the viewer sees. It could be 30 to 90 seconds that kicks off your program.

Decide what segments you want. You could start with a motion graphic introduction, then a hello from the pastor, then a music segment, then a preaching segment, etc. Give a time length for each segment.

Where will your segments be filmed? Do you need a set? What equipment will you use? Break things up so your show has a variety of looks and backgrounds.


Use multiple cameras and angles to keep it interesting. Use a tripod to eliminate camera shake. Make sure you use the ‘manual’ settings on your cameras. Don’t use automatic focus, exposure, etc. Use the ‘rule of thirds’ to frame your shots so they are visually appealing.

The key to good video images is good lighting. More light on the subjects, and less on the background. Make sure your lighting is soft and diffused rather than harsh which creates dark shadows. Don’t forget to use a backlight on the subjects to create a rim of light on their head and shoulders.

If filming on a set, move the subjects away from the background to create depth.

Think about the audio. Is the room quiet or is there a lot of background noise like traffic? Each speaker should have their own microphone. It’s difficult to fix bad audio if there is a hum or echo. Make sure your sound recording is good from the start.

Film test recordings and view them to critique your set-ups and on-screen presence.

Keep your editing simple and don’t use silly effects or transitions. A simple cut or dissolve between scenes is sufficient. Transitions such as dissolves or fades should generally be about 10-12 frames.

A Message from Joan Hunter

Dear Partners,

We are immensely grateful for your decision to join our TV Network 4WBN. Your commitment to partnering with us signifies more than just broadcasting; it represents a shared vision of spreading the message of hope and faith to the world.

At 4WBN, we deeply believe in the power of partnership and the transformative potential of television. It’s not just about broadcasting; it’s about empowering you to “Tell-Your-Vision” to the world. Through our network, we are dedicated to providing resources and avenues to assist in the expansion of your ministry, ensuring that your voice reaches far and wide.

With 4WBN, you are not alone. We envision a streaming network where over 100 channels united in spreading the gospel. A place where pastors like yourselves shape the future and forever change lives. Together, we are not only broadcasting messages, we are building bridges of hope, faith, and transformation.

Once again, thank you for choosing to partner with 4WBN. Your trust and collaboration are the cornerstone of our network’s success. We look forward to a fruitful journey ahead, as we work hand in hand to fulfill our collective mission of spreading the message of love and salvation.

Warm regards,

President – 4WordBroadcasting Network